Thrifted wonky floor lamp DIY update

Everyone who knows me well can agree that I have a hard time saying “no” to a cheap thrift find!
Especially if it’s something I’ve been looking for quite some time.
In this case it was three legged floor lamp. I spotted this sorry looking wobbly and wonky lamp on the facebook marketplace for whooping $5! And it was in a working order.
The shade could not be salvaged so it had to go. I was not sure how I was going to fix the legs and and held off on buying super glue after I’ve picked up the lamp.

Once I picked it it up to take it to my car its legs just flopped and wobbled like a new born baby giraffe legs. I ended up needing only a philips wrench too tighten All of the screws and no glue gun or super glue!
On my way home I picked up a new lampshade in neutral color and linen like finish to match our home decor.
Once home I pulled out some dark antiquing wax and refreshed wooden parts of my lamp.
Used a warm light lightbulb and that’s it! It took our kitties few minutes to smell and “inspect” the new item but they decided they like it too!
Below is the photo and video report of my thrifted floor lamp DIY update!

Hope it inspires you to transform some not so good looking items into something you love and save it from the landfill!


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