Succulent and flower pot wreath

I finally gave in and made a large wreath with succulents and pots! I really enjoyed the process and used succulent set I’ve purchased on Amazon. I originally wanted to use tiny terracotta flower pots but instead went with lighter and less costly option and used peat moss pots from garden section! They’re not waterproof so if you’re making this wreath to be displayed outdoors make sure you use terracotta pots. This project uses simple items but arranging them may take some time but that’s the best part!

Supplies needed for this project:

18 inch wreath I used grapevine wreath form

10-15 succulent stems

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Wire cutters

7 small peat or terracotta pots

4 bush type picks of assorted greenery for inside of the pots and extra for filling in gaps around pots

Floral wire( preferably brown to match pots)

In the picture below you can see my supply haul used in this project. I got assorted greenery bundles and split them into single picks using my wire cutter. I later added more filler greens from the greenery stash I had on hand. I felt like wreath looked too bare before I added that extra greenery.

Next step is to lay pots on top of the wreath and choose how many and where you want them to be. Then make small holes on the bottom and side of each pot and thread wire into each and attach them to the wreath then use hot glue to secure them permanently. See how I have pots with wire in the image below to give you an idea where to make holes for the wire.

After pots are attached, lay out succulents and then glue them with hot glue. You can see some bare spots in the images below on the wreath, that’s where I added extra greenery that perfected the look I was going for.

And that’s all it takes! Simple project but turned out so stunning and I can’t wait to decorate with it!

Have fun crafting!


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