Philadelphia Museum of Art trip.


Welcome and enjoy this art filled blog post!

This post is a picture gallery(including few short videos) of my favorite exhibits from Philadelphia Museum of Art. I took this trip with our oldest son who absolutely loves art and have traveled to Europe to visit the Louvre. Philadelphia Museum of Art is very close to our home and we planned the trip!

Philadelphia Museum of Art has so many wonderful exhibits but I only photographed what spoke to me on this trip!

I enjoy traveling and seeing new places. And I love photographing so museum trip was perfect for Saturday!

My son and I took a train from Lancaster PA to Philadelphia PA and it only took us about an hour to get to our destination. Of course my 20 year old wanted to walk and skip the taxi and Uber, so we walked from the train station all the way to the Philadelphia Museum of Arts. We used our phone’s map app for directions. It was a brisk half an hour walk on the river trail.

River trail was very busy with walkers, joggers, bicyclists and people just enjoying sunny and warm spring day!

We purchased tickets for 11:00 o’clock so the walk to the Museum from the Train Station was very very brisk in order to get there on time!

The Main entrance to the Museum that has grand stairs and columns leading up to it was closed. So the side entrance was used to enter. As we walked through the Museum galleries we could see people sitting on the benches and stairs of the main Entrance area taking photos and relaxing. As you would expect majority of visitors are tourists doing typical touristy things just like us!

Main entrance courtyard is so grand and open and beautiful! So we went to see the Grand Entrance after visiting the Museum.

We had lunch at the Cafe right inside of the Museum. Food was simple and delicious. We had subs on famous Philly bread and I had a croissant for breakfast earlier! That croissant just melted in my mouth!

I would honestly say that we will take more trips to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for sure! The Museum has so many art exhibits that it was impossible to appreciate all of them in one trip.

So I hope you enjoy scrolling through all the photos I took. Everything was photographed on my iPhone and I left the images unedited to show true depth of colors of the exhibits. Please let me know in comments if you loved the post and if you visited The Philadelphia Museum of Art or any other art museum yourself!


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