How to paint kitchen cabinet hardware to last

Hi friends, today I will share few tips that made painting cabinet hardware for our kitchen and bath easy. I used spray paint by Krylon and added a picture of the exact type I used.

I have tried many ways to spray paint metal door knobs and had so so results. This method helps avoid drippy spots and covers entire piece with paint evenly. Only inconvenience is that you need to allow some dry time in between coats.

For any paint job prep is the key, my favorite saying is “fail to prepare-prepare to fail” so I do some good prep by cleaning, scrubbing and degreasing my hardware to make sure surface is free of spots and grease before I paint. Cleaning and degreasing makes paint adhere to surface permanently.
It’s cold here in PA in the winter so I made basic painting tepee slash tent by draping some plastic over decorative long bamboo sticks that I tied together at the top.

If you’re painting in a garage make sure to line the floor with cardboard or tarp to protect it from spray paint cast off.

I took cardboard box and made holes in it with a knife then put my hardware on and lightly tightened screws so hardware stays on. I’m showing few angles in pictures below.

To avoid dripping, runny paint and uneven finish spray one side at a time in sweeping motion and let dry for an hour or so before spraying other side. Keep turning hardware to add coats to unpainted sides. I make sure that each side is well coated so I end up with about two coats to have nice thick paint layer that won’t easily scratch or chip.
After fronts and sides are done, remove knobs and pulls from cardboard and give backside a spay to cover missed and thin coated spots.

Once they’re dry I make sure fronts have nice and even finish and if needed I spray a light coat on fronts.

Let your painted hardware sit for a few hours to air out spray paint fumes and attach to cabinets!

↘️ please let me know in comments if you try this technique!

🔦📐📌 TIPS>>>>> 1. Shake spray paint can well before each use and spray on cardboard FIRST or most of the paints will spray clear liquid and then you see actual paint come out. I have learned that lesson!🤣

2. If you end up applying too much paint in one spot and end up with paint that runs like melting ice cream just wipe off the coat you added immediately and add lighter coat right away. This happens if too much paint was applied. So multiple lighter coats are the way to go! This particular paint self levels some so couple of coats can fix uneven finish.

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