How to make flower arrangements in faux water

If you love the look of flower centerpieces in a clear vase with faux water this post is for you!

I have made my mistakes with this method and sharing what can be done better and how to avoid them.

For this project you will need

  • Faux water kit, aka epoxy resin kit. Permanent kind. There’s also temporary faux water options.
  • Glass vase, very clean one.
  • Pebbles or sea shells.
  • Artificial flowers or greenery.
  • Plastic cups.
  • Plastic spoons.
  • Flower stem cutters if needed.
This epoxy does not yellow. I got mine from Amazon. Make sure you have few plastic cups and spoons on hand. To make sure I had equal amounts of both epoxy parts I marked fill line on my cups with marker.

This arrangement is going to be a permanent arrangement. Once epoxy cures it will stay cured and cannot be removed from the vase.

I poured equal parts of A in one cup and B into another cup. Then I combined them in one cup and kept stirring with a plastic spoon for good 2 minutes. Then I poured my stirred mixture in a a clean plastic cup.
. ****This is important because you end up mixing two compounds very well. If you skip this step you often end up with sticky top epoxy after it cures. ****
Once epoxy is mixed well I added pebbles to the squeaky clean dry vase and secured my orchid stem with tape for the curing process. Make sure you have your vase on leveled surface and do not tilt or move it after pouring epoxy mixture in the vase. This way you don’t end up with epoxy traces above the “faux water surface line“. Let “Faux water “ cure according to the package directions. Usually at least 24 hours.

***Very important to know that once epoxy cures you will not be able to change position of your flower stem that is inside the epoxy. So it’s important to secure the stems upright for the cure time. You can see tape in the pictures that I used to keep my orchid upright.

Here’s sweet summer coastal vignette I put together. I sell my handmade florals in my Etsy store so you’re welcome to check it out and see what’s available! Here’s the link.


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