How to make a Colonial Williamsburg inspired artificial fruit wreath

Christmas time is such a special time to be creative and celebrate. Some of us stay busy and love to decorate our homes. Making something with our own hands makes things even more special and creates wonderful memories!

Today I would like to share how to make your own artificial fruit Williamsburg style wreath. I am sharing the easy version.

I use quality fruit in my projects and I do sell my work on Etsy as well as my website. These faux fruit wreaths are so much fun to make but also time consuming. So I’m sharing a shortcut version of a diy colonial Williamsburg style faux fruit wreath. It will last you many seasons!

DIY Christmas Williamsburg style faux fruit wreath

Supplies and Tools for the project

  • Wire cutters
  • 18 gauge floral wire stems, cut long ones in half
  • Wreath base, can use ready made boxwood wreath
  • Faux fruit of choice
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Zip tie or a ribbon to make a hanger loop

My advice is to lay out the fruit on the top of your wreath and play with lay out until you like the spacing and design of your wreath. You can search online or browse Pinterest for inspiration.

After you temporarily have fruit layout figured out I suggest step back and see how it looks. Another advice that I use regularly is to take pictures during this stage, it’s very helpful to see how your Diy wreath looks. I use my phone and it’s amazing how by looking at the pictures it is easy to tweak things before gluing them permanently.

Once you have the fruit placement layout figured out then glue the floral wire to each fruit piece by inserting one end of the wire into the fruit. Insert wired fruit into the wreath base and either tie securely or glue it.

Once all fruit pieces are attached, make the hanger loop if your wreath don’t have one. I use long plastic zip ties because twine and wire sometimes gives out under the weight of the wreath with all the faux fruit on it.

Once you have the hanger done all you have left to do is to fluff the wreath and hang it on your door! You can also use wreaths to decorate a range hood, wall or any other spot you want to display your new diy colonial Williamsburg inspired wreath!

I hope this was helpful!

And if you would like to purchase one instead head to my Etsy shop link below!


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