Holiday greenery drop in planters

Gotta love the look of a well designed holiday planter! Around the holidays we see them everywhere and they’re such a joy to see especially in a state where we have all 4 seasons. I wanted to make my own and finally got to do it today! And I documented the process to share with you all and now you can make your own! You can use fresh or faux greenery!

 One of my arrangements is displayed in the large basket by the front door and second one sits in a tall planter by the front steps.

Design rules for pretty designer planters

My design rules for any floral planter arrangement whether it is real or faux are the same.

In my book an arrangement has three elements: thrill, fill and spill.

It’s a formula many florists and designers use for floral arrangements. I choose an item that is a thrill, then lots of fill greenery and some spill to make it fun! Remember, the spill portion can extend upwards of the arrangement not just in downward direction. I used two ornaments tied to the top of grapevine sphere. 

Thrill items for winter containers are long birch logs, twig bundles, ornaments, pinecones, faux fruit, rattan or moss spheres, lights and more.

Fill items are usually greenery, mix of greenery picks works well. Whatever it is you have on hand that creates volume and fills the space and as a result will make it look great!

Now for a spill! Any trailing greenery, a bow with long ribbon tails. You can also add metal bells tied to a twine. Or add a topper to your arrangement! Let your imagination run wild on what you are adding to your holiday container! 

I am using all artificial greenery and last year’s Christmas tree decorative picks, grapevine sphere that I made from a 12 inch grapevine wreath, grapevine topiary and a few shatterproof Christmas tree ornaments!

Our ground is frozen so I’m using shallow floral foam piece and placing it on top of the ground inside of the flower planter. 

Supplies for the project.

  • floral wire or twine
  • floral foam 
  • artificial greenery stems, picks, can mix in real ones too
  • long sticks or wood logs or a sphere 
  • Spanish moss
  • shatterproof ornaments 
  • Wire cutters ( if needed)
  • wooden dowel for securing foam into the planter dirt(optional)

First planter insert.

DIY grapevine sphere, take a look at two videos that show you how to make one yourself.
Start with the grapevine wreath. Trim the piece that holds it together. Videos below will show you how.


I used a large floral foam square as a base.
Covered the top of the block with Spanish moss. Bottom won’t be visible so I left top position of the foam decorated. Then attached the sphere to the foam with wire.


Almost finished! I used plenty of greenery, some glittered stems, an ornament pic, added pinecones and two ornaments tied to the top of the sphere.


You can see the finished version! Looks beautiful and cheers up our winter porch!

Second planter insert.

For this one I used thin soft foam block because it will fit right into the pot I’m decorating. It will go on the top of frozen dirt so I made sure foam don’t show much when its dropped in. 


I attached the topiary to the foam with floral wire on two sides.
Then keep inserting greenery and florals into the foam around the topiary. The bottom of the foam will be inserted into the planter so I’m not decorating it. Also the back will be facing the wall and I’m not going to use much greenery for the back as well. Just the part that will be visible.


What I started with. The dirt is somewhat frozen. We are in Pennsylvania and it’s December!
I inserted a wooden dowel to hold foam base in place in case of strong winds. The storm is coming.
Finished planter!

So that’s how I put together this years planter arrangements!

After the holidays I will remove the ornaments and display my arrangements all winter long. Sure does look better than empty flower pots!

As always I hope you enjoyed watching me make yet another DIY decor project! Have fun and make something pretty for your home or to give as a gift!



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