Fall table decor

Creating a beautiful table setting is easy and affordable. You want it to be pretty and season appropriate or simply neutral. This will depend on style of your decor and a theme of the dinner party.

In our home we have a small dining room and a round table that fits only four. So when I plan table setting decor it’s strictly decorative and for the looks!

Even thou there are proper rules on how to set the table, this post is not about that. This post is about doing what you like and what works for you in your home. Because it is a creative and decorative approach it is easy to do and decorative elements you will use won’t take much storage room.

When I decorate the table this is what I use:

  • Chargers. if you do not know what they are, chargers are large plates that can replace a placemats if you have a small table. I buy mine from Hobby Lobby, they are less than $2 a piece and they have basic seasonal colors.
  • Table runner or a small women placemat if you have a small table like me. I use fat quarter fabric cuts and other fun fabrics. I do not use table runners they’re way too long for our table.
  • Fabric napkins are a must in my table decor. You can invest into either neutral ones or swap them out seasonally. For my table decor I find seasonal napkins on sales and clearances or make my own by cutting a piece of fabric. We do not use them for actual dining, only decor. Paper napkins is what we use on regular basis.
  • Napkin rings. They are like a jewelry for a napkin. I use napkin rings in some of my table decor settings and other times I fold napkins creatively and place it on a plate or do a simple long folded napkin and place it under the plate. I use long folded napkin and place it under the decorative plate or a bowl, then place a fruit or a pumpkin on plate or a bowl. Be as creative as you want!
  • Centerpiece. It can be candles, dough bowl filled with seasonal decor or a flower centerpiece. Get creative and put set of ceramic vases or pitchers and fill them with seasonal florals. I use real flowers or variety of seasonal faux flowers.
  • Decorative plates or bowls. Set either a plate, bowl or both on the charger, make sure its smaller than the charger so it creates layers. Place an apple or a pear on top to decorate.
  • If I want to be extra festive and elevate my table decor to fit a special occasion, I add battery operated string of fairy lights to the centerpiece arrangement.
  • Tablecloth is optional. Sometime I use it sometime I don’t.

Where is my silverware and drink ware?

Have you noticed that I do not use any silverware or glasses in my table decor? It’s because usually I do not use them in my table decor. We have 3 cats that like to jump on the table and I want to avoid broken glass and flying knives!

Also our table is so small that it looks way to cluttered if I add those. Unless I am setting a table right before we sit down to eat, then silverware will be added along with drinking glasses or mugs.

Now let’s look at some more photos of my fall table decor!

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