Easy topiary DIY

Who does not love topiaries?! I look at them as a dressed up version of a potted pant and I love putting topiaries together. In this post I’m sharing how to DIY topiaries! Once you know the concept on how to make one you will never forget and can make a different one for every season!

Let’s talk supplies!

  1. You need assorted sizes and types of “pots”, baskets, terracotta pots, pitchers or planters of any type will do! In my pictures you see I’ve used decorative metal planters and a thrifted vintage silver urn.
  2. Floral foam any kind, dry firm works best because it holds even heavy topiary top nice, straight and steady.
  3. Topiary tops. You can use large green foam balls and insert succulents in them, you can buy ready made decorative spheres that are not glass or ceramic so you can insert the “stem” into to hold it. I used assorted moss and greenery spheres from Hobby Lobby.
  4. Stems. Anything that resembles a stem can be used. Wooden dowels can be purchased in craft section, paint them brown with acrylic craft paint and they will look so natural! Decorative stick and branches, Ive used decorative vase filler stick that I cut to size and painted with brown acrylic paint. Leftover flower stems, make sure they’re steady and have ametek stem inside for sturdiness. I saved mine from my wreath and garland making and have lots.
  5. Trimmings. You want to cover that foam base of your topiaries, I use assorted real moss for it and its easy to shape and inexpensive. I keep a stash of few different color and types of moss for my decor and DIY projects. I store them either in original packaging or large plastic zip locking bags. I have used faux artichokes to embellish my plain small moss ball topiary. Ribbon or twine. Add a piece of ribbon or a tie twine in a nice bow to add a touch of pretty! I used bag of assorted succulent from Amazon and each was about $1 which is a great deal for a quality succulent! You can insert flowers or anything you like to use to decorate it with!

Here is my supply round up minus the succulents!

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, cut foam to size to fit containers and put them in. Choose the stem and a topiary top to coordinate with your container.

Next step is to insert stem into foam and add spheres to the top of the stems. You can reinforce this step with hot glue if you like but if you’re like me and like to reuse and change decor you don’t need to glue it in case you are taking it apart a year later and reusing spheres in your decor.

For a large two sphere grassy green topiary in a vintage urn I’ve used two spheres that are hollow inside, putting them on a stem was easy because the stem is not perfectly straight and has curves so it keeps spheres from sliding down. If you’re using straight wooden dowel just tie twine or rubber band at the base of each sphere to prevent them from sliding down.

To make a medium sized topiary I used moss ball sphere from Hobby Lobby and inserted my assorted succulents from Amazon into topiary ball. Each succulent came to about $1, here’s the link to the ones I used ⬇️⬇️⬇️
LAPONEE Artificial Succulents 18pcs Picks Fake Succulents – Realistic Faux Mini Succulent Plants for Terrarium Greenery Outdoor and Indoor Arrangements – Faux Succulent Flower Arrangement… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088B6436Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_DHZ508AAXV0MVWF72FPD?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Small topiary just happened! I had those faux artichokes for a while and decided to add them to this topiary arrangement. I repurposed leftover wired faux flower stems to hold them up! To add realistic detail use small wooden dowel to “stake” topiary. I left the sphere on this topiary undecorated and tied checkered ribbon to make it pretty! Later I changed my mind and decided to add some pretty pansies to it and removed the artichokes and absolutely love the outcome! Look how bright those pansies look!

You can display your topiaries as a set or incorporate them in your decor separately! Or make just one!

Hope you had fun time crafting with me!


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