Dried Flower Wreath

Sharing another fun project with you today friends! I have an obsession with wreaths and florals, always had! I absolutely love putting things together and create new colorful combinations. I have not used real dried florals in a wreath before and loved it! They smell like a meadow and stems are so pretty yet fragile. I had a vision of a sunburst wreath in my mind for some time and dried naturals are perfect for it!

I’ve purchased my florals and foam base from Walmart. You certainly will need lots of hot glue for it in order to get all those florals attached. This project turned out gorgeous so let me show you step by step how I did it!

Supplies needed for this project:

You need 2 short but full dried flower bouquets, avoid the type with long stems because you’re cutting them off anyway, one flat foam round, floral wire for hanger and to secure stems with, you can use craft pipe cleaners instead. hot glue gun and glue stick. Some florals have seeds and shed lots of dry particles make sure you’re up for as good clean up after this project!

In photo gallery below you can see what type of supplies I used.

Project steps:

Add 3 wooden stem sticks and attach round made of floral wire or pipe cleaners. You will be sliding first layer of florals under that wire circle.

Unwrap florals and separate them into similar piles.

Reserve the flowers for the center and set aside.

If your project is for the front door make sure depth of the wreath is right if you have a glass storm door. I will be keeping mine indoors because rain will certainly do some damage to it.

Decide how long you want florals to be for the first layer then trim stems. Do not discard trimmed off bottom stems, I used them to cover top of the foam where it was showing. Sturdier stems I inserted into the side edges of the foam.

First layer should look something like this. Because the stems are fragile they must be glued instead of inserting them into the foam.Once first layer is in add a good round of hot glue only to the center where the ends of the florals meet.

Trim next bundle of florals and arrange them in same circular fashion. Insert some under the circular wire others on top of it and keep building up layers of the florals. Again add hot glue to the center part only.

Last layer here came form green bundle of florals that I kept for the top pretty layer. Add more hot glue generously to the center in circular motion, glue will drip through stems to the bottom layers and will help secure them all.

Keep repeating layers until done with all stems. Trim flowers and pretty leaves and arrange them in the center of the wreath. Once you choose where each flower goes go ahead and hot glue them to the center. When I trimmed flower stems I kept 3 inch stems so they can be inserted into the top layers of florals.

After center florals are glued and glue cools flip wreath upside down and insert sturdier stem ends that were cut off earlier. If they are fragile glue them to bare spots under the layers or fill in bare spots by gluing them to other stems. Add glue to secure them to prevent them from becoming loose. Attach wire of pipe cleaner hanger with hot glue. Once glue hardens go ahead and hang your beautiful new wreath and enjoy it!

Happy crafting! And always remember to use your creative imagination!



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