Dollar store stacked pumpkin DIY

Everyone loves a good Dollar Store DIY project! So many products can be creatively transformed into pretty and budget friendly decor!

I love shopping Dollar Tree stores for seasonal decor items, gift bags, gift wrap and greeting cards!

This time I wanted to make a stacked pumpkin centerpiece using Dollar Tree store pumpkins!

Check out how cute it turned out!

Supplies needed for this stacked pumpkin centerpiece DIY:

  • 3 medium sized foam pumpkins
  • 1-2 fall leaf picks
  • fall berries or acorns, I used artificial berry picks I had in my stash
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • off white craft paint about 1/4 of a cup
  • wider paint brush to paint pumpkins
  • small paint brush to paint lines on pumpkins
  • about 1 tablespoon premixed spackling mix( it can be used to make DIY chalk paint or as a thickening agent for one coat paint applications because it thickens the paint)
  • paint stir stick or a spoon to mix joint compound with paint
  • brown craft paint
  • gold craft paint
  • container to use as a base for the stacked pumpkin centerpiece, you can use small terra cotta pot or any container that is smaller than diameter or the pumpkin you are using
  • foam block to go inside of the pot to set pumpkin on (can be purchased at the Dollar Tree)
  • cinnamon sticks for a top pumpkin stem. If you are not using cinnamon sticks use wine bottle cork or paint existing stem with brown paint.

First stack those pumpkins!

  • remove stems from 2 pumpkins
  • hot glue foam block inside of the container
  • add hot glue to the top of foam and place first pumpkin on it
  • add generous amount of hot glue to the center of the pumpkin where stem used to be
  • place second pumpkin on top of first
  • add glue to the center part of second pumpkin where the stem was removed
  • place third pumpkin and let glue cool before painting

Now lets paint our DIY stacked pumpkin centerpiece!

To paint my pumpkin stack I used white chalk paint I had on hand and added premixed spackling compound to the paint to thicken the paint even more. Also I added beige craft paint to make that crispy white paint warmer.

Using a stir stick I mixed paint with spackling to achieve slightly lumpy mixture of the toothpaste consistency. Adding the spackling thickens the paint and gives finish better coverage.

I used only one generous coat to paint my bright orange pumpkins! I touched up couple of spots I’ve missed and let paint dry.

See images below.

Decorating the pumpkins!

I used brown craft paint to paint lines on my pumpkins. Once brown paint dried a bit I went over with gold craft paint over the brown paint. Gold added so much character!

Now it’s time to glue the stem and decorate the pumpkins!

I used old cinnamon sticks from my spice drawer to make a stem for the pumpkin. Hot glued few cinnamon sticks into the opening I carved where the third stem was.

Then I cut Dollar Tree fall leaf stems into single leave picks and glued them to the pumpkins in spots where I thought they will look good!

To add harvest touches I used faux green berry stems that I cut into smaller clusters and hot glued to the pumpkins.

To display my stacked pumpkin centerpiece I dropped the base pot into a larger clearance glass vase that I painted and that’s it!

I think my DIY stacked pumpkin centerpiece turned out so pretty! And it cost me about $5 (not including supplies I already had on hand)!

And I really hope my post inspires you to try this project! It’s a perfect project to do with kids too!

Here is a link to a post on how to to make this natural dried flower wreath pictured here!

Happy Fall and have fun crafting! And please Pin it and Share it!


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