DIY olive tree.

Who doesn’t love the look of faux and fabulous olive tree?! I wanted one for our dining room for a while, but prefer a budget buy or a dupe since it’s not an essential purchase. After looking at some pricey inspirations I made my own DIY olive tree using olive stems from Amazon and a tree branch from our backyard. Easiest DIY olive tree! The only time consuming part was taping stems to the trunk of my faux olive tree and fluffing the leaves!

Supplies for a DIY olive tree.

  • Any flower pot, container or planter. I repurposed used plastic planter and gave it a facelift with black craft paint.
  • Dry floral foam block.
  • Brown floral tape. I used one small roll and still had some leftover.
  • Green stems of your choice. I used 8 stems, total of 2 packs. I will link them.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Bag of river pebbles to stabilize the tree trunk. If you don’t want to use pebbles just use lots of dry floral foam and a clay planter so your DIY olive tree does not topple over.
the tree branch form our backyard that I am using for the olive tree trunk
I used half of this bag
these are the stems I used. I bought 2 packs from Amazon.

Assembling DIY olive tree.

Assembly is simple.

  • Place floral foam in the planter and insert tree trunk in it.
  • Keep adding river pebbles until tree trunk is staying in place in the planter.
  • Trim long ends of a faux olive stem one at at a time.
  • Tape each stem to the trunk of the tree.
  • Fluff the olive stems by bending and spreading out smaller stems. If you are using the same kind I did every stem and smaller branching out stems are wired and easy to maneuver.
  • Use handheld laundry steamer to de wrinkle the leaves (if you own one).

And now you have a beautiful faux and fabulous DIY olive tree that you made yourself! All you need to do is set it in a room and enjoy the view!

That large side branch on the left
ended up being in a way so I cut it off
using brown floral tape to secure green stems to the tree trunk
removing crinkles from the leaves
DIY faux olive tree is all finished

I really hope you found this tutorial helpful and be sure to comment if you end up making it yourself!

Have a great day,


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