DIY Faux concrete dough bowl tutorial

Dough bowls, concrete planters, pottery, rustic aged stone look urns and trays are great for creating decorative vignettes. They are great for seasonal decorating and bowls look great filled with different vase fillers. I love the look of concrete footed bowls and they are currently in style. I did not want to spend the money buying one at the moment , so made one from the bowl I already own.

I’ve purchased my dough bowl from Hobby Lobby couple of years ago and dark wood finish was not fitting in with my changing decor anymore. I updated it with some leftover wood and a can of texture spray paint. I really like the outcome! Now it sits on our sideboard in the dining room and holds faux lemons.

What do you think of the look!?

Keep scrolling for the tutorial!

Supplies for this project.

~Can of textured spray paint. I used Stone textures by Rust-Oleum.

~large piece of cardboard or tarp to catch spray paint cast off

~wooden dough bowl

~wood glue

~wood screws

~drill bit slightly larger than the head of screws you’re using

~powered screw driver

~scrap pieces of 2×4 or any wood scraps that can be used to create foot base for the bowl


  • Flip bowl upside down and determine what length longest foot piece will be and cut wood to size.
  • Lay this piece on top of bowl base, center it and measure for short feet length cuts, cut short pieces.
  • Lay out all feet pieces on op of the bowl base and drill holes of 1/2 inch depth to hide screws. Make sure hole is slightly bigger that the tip of the screw.
  • Put wood glue on wood pieces on the side that will be laying against the bottom base of the bowl. Attach them with screws to the base of the bowl. See pictures above for the picture reference on steps.
  • This step is optional! I filled in all seams with wood putty, smoothed it out nicely, then lightly sanded once it dried.
  • Next step is to spray paint you bowl! Remember texture pain needs shaken well and first spray on piece of cardboard until you see actual paint coming out of the spray can! I sprayed the bottom of the bowl, let it dry, then sprayed sides and inside of the bowl. It was still cold in the garage and it took couple of days for paint to cure and dry. It felt oily to the touch, so I wiped it down with a damp paper towel before using it.

Have fun crafting!


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