This a very easy DIY project! Make a pretty autumn pillow with an existing throw pillow case, fabric glue and few sheets of felt!

Remember that your diy fall pillow does not need to perfect to be pretty! Get creative and enjoy the process! This is a no sew project but if you love sewing I am adding the version with some creative stitching as well! Harvest season is a time to celebrate the nature and gorgeous colors it brings! Nature inspired colors and hues are usually the best!

Living amongst farm fields gives me an opportunity to see fall beauty of harvest in person and its glorious!

It inspires so many DIY and decor ideas! So I will be sharing few seasonal projects this fall.

So lets make our homes fall ready with these 2 simple DIY fall pumpkin throw pillow tutorials!


First Im making this no sew version. I am using fabric glue for this first pumpkin pillow case but hot glue will do fine.

Here is what you will need for this DIY fall throw pillow case.

  • Throw pillow cover. Iron it well so appliqués look even once glued on. I used 18×18 inch pillow cover with a zipper that I got from Walmarts craft section.
  • 4 sheets of different but complimenting colors of felt.
  • Fabric glue or hot glue gun and sticks.
  • Scissors.
  • Marker.
  • Tape of any type, I used masking tape.
  • Cross stitching thread and a large needle(optional).
pillow case I used for my project
felt colors I used for one side of the pillow case, other side I used beige and gray
ironed pillow case

Look at the image of my felts and draw the top layer of the pumpkin by drawing an oval on the felt.

Draw 3 lines where you will be cutting it just like here.

Cut out the top oval pumpkin shape, mine is orange.

Lay the cut out on a top of new felt sheet and trace it adding an inch or less. This will be the underlaying pumpkin silhouette. Cut out underlying pumpkin layer in my case its brown.

Cut along the lines on the orange smaller pumpkin cutout. Set pieces on to of the larger one and slightly spread apart.

Cut the stem for the pumpkin from one of the remainders of the felt.

Lay out the pumpkin on a pillow case. Mark with tape where the pumpkin will go.

Glue the larger uncut pumpkin silhouette to the pillow case.

Glue cut pumpkin pieces over the base pumpkin.

Glue the stem.

If using twine glue it around the edges of the pumpkin. You can glue twine bow to the base of the stem if you like!

Let the glue dry then insert pillow insert into the pillow case and decorate with it!


Use the tutorial above. Once the glue dries stitch chunky stitches in any pattern along the edges of the pumpkin!

Thats it!

Hope I have inspired you to make some cute DIY fall pumpkin throw pillows using this tutorial! And if you do make sure to let me know how it turns out!

!!!Bonus!!! Second DIY two sided throw pillow case tutorial!

In this easy project I used same type of pillow case as the one above.

  • 1 decorative throw pillow case ironed.
  • 1 roll of rust colored wide burlap ribbon, fabric or felt.
  • Decorative buttons.
  • Scissors.
  • Hot glue and glue sticks.

First side of the pillow case is burlap ribbon decor in a triangle form.

On one side I layered burlap strips to create a triangle, see images below.

I glued burlap to the pillow case then trimmed burlap edges.

Other side of the pillow case has burlap ribbon and buttons.

Once I finished gluing burlap triangle, I flipped the case to the other side.

On the other side I glued burlap ribbon to the center of the pillow case.

Then I placed the buttons on top spacing them out evenly.

And I glued the buttons with hot glue to burlap. Yep, that’s it!

As you can see both of my DIY fall throw pillow cases have 2 sides, so its almost like having 4 different throw pillows! You can remove decorative pillow cases at the end of the season and make some Christmas ones! This eliminates owning and storing million of throw pillows because you can use the same pillow inserts!

Happy crafting!


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