DIY Christmas decorative gift boxes.

If you know me well you know I do not like wrapping gifts! Anything is better than wrapping, there’s always gift bags and envelopes for gift cards am I right or what?!

But this DIY Christmas gift box set project required some wrapping and I got it done! It is an easy project and set of three DIY wrapped Christmas gift boxes will look nice on a shelf or near the Christmas tree!

Now let’s see how I did it!


One roll of Christmas gift wrap, mine is from Dollar Tree.


Boxes to wrap.




Assorted holiday greens.

Hot glue and hot glue gun.

Wrapping the boxes:

I started with the lids because they require most precision.

Place a lid on the wrapping paper, cut enough paper that it will cover the lid and has about 1/2 inch overlap to attach tape to it.

Once the lids are wrapped, start by wrapping the boxes.

Start by measuring paper strip long enough to wrap the box around with some overlap and make sure paper extends on top and bottom at least an inch on each end.

Once paper is cut, tape the side, then cut small slits in the paper on bottom and top.

Fold in cuts and tape to secure, refer to pictures below. Continue until all boxes are wrapped.

Now time to add ribbon.

Wrap ribbon on a largest box and glue to top and bottom of the box.

Then add hot glue and set ribbon bow on top of glue. Pictures below show how I created this accordion ribbon bow. Once the bow is placed on lid add hot glue where needed.

Now it’s time to add greenery and decorate DIY Christmas gift boxes.

Select few Christmas greenery stems and glue them near the base of the bow. I used last years stems from my Christmas decor stash.

Now look at this cute DIY Christmas gift box!

I am doing the classic red themed Christmas decor this year so those boxes will fit in well!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great time decorating for the holidays!


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