DIY Christmas decor using embroidery hoops

Christmas is getting closer and closer! Nothing makes me happier than creating DIY decor.

In most cases its way cheaper than buying it and makes use of my leisure time!

It is my first DIY project using embroidery hoops. I used wooden hoops for my mini Christmas wreaths. One is 10 inch and rest are 8 inch diameter.

They can be purchased in any craft store or online. Mine are from Hobby Lobby and Walmart.

It is a very simple DIY Christmas decor project that you will enjoy!.

I have purchased different Christmas tree ornaments from Dollar Tree and Walmart to use in my DIY Christmas decor project. I chose ornaments that will look good against the kitchen cabinet doors. That is where I am planning to use them, but I may change my mind and use them somewhere else because Christmas decorating is so much fun!

Supplies needed for the project:

  • wooden embroidery hoops (mine are one 10 inch, four 8 inch)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • wire cutters of any sort (mine from Amazon and Home Depot)
  • floral wire
  • assorted Christmas tree ornaments
  • Dollar Tree rope for outer edges of first wreath or any crafting rope you have
  • wood beads or a bead garland or any sort
  • fabric, mine is a “fat quarter” from Walmart
  • any Christmas ribbon
  • zip ties (optional, I used where needed because I have some already)
  • assorted holiday greenery stems

First DIY Christmas hoop wreath.

For this hoop wreath I used 10 inch diameter hoop and I bought a fat quarter of fabric for less than $2.

Also I used Hobby Lobby fir picks and added greenery pick from Walmart later on.

Word JOY is a Christmas tree ornament from Walmart and cost somewhere in $2 range.

It may take some practice to secure the fabric inside of the hoop. It was a first for me so took few minutes and a few tries even thou its simple I wanted to get fabric print even and that took bit of time.

If you haven’t done it and have no idea how to I suggest to search for direction videos online.

Follow directions in the photos below to make this DIY Christmas hoop wreath.


Just look how beautiful it is!

Second DIY Christmas decor hoop wreath.

This set was made using green buffalo check fabric that I had on hand. It was also purchased as a “fat quarter”.

Greenery is from Hobby Lobby.

Star ornaments are from Dollar Tree.

Merry Christmas ornament from Walmart.

Wood beads from Amazon.

For this set of embroidery hoop wreaths I inserted fabric differently. Inner hoop ring is exposed creating depth that I needed to add an inner wood bead border.

Lay out the beads you have and figure out spacing and how many you will need.

Glue beads with hot glue.

Then I split my greenery bush into single stems and attached stems with floral wire segments then added some hot glue to keep them in place.

Attach the ornaments using a string and tie them to the screw opening on top of the hoop.

Use another piece of string or a ribbon to hang them.

Mine will be going on kitchen cabinet doors!

Third design of my DIY Christmas decor embroidery hoop wreath!

This wreath is much simpler and only uses 8 inch embroidery hoop, string, greenery picks and an ornament!

I got those glittery church ornaments from Dollar Tree.

Greenery from Hobby Lobby and Walmart.

I made two wreaths using this design and slightly different greenery. One I embellished with wood beads.

Follow directions in the images below to put this hoop wreaths together.

This is all for today! I am so happy I made some gorgeous DIY Christmas decor and enjoyed crafting as usual!

And I sure can’t wait to put it up soon!

Happy crafting!


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