Why you should buy your Christmas decor in January

Hi and I hope you are having a good beginning of 2021. Today I would like to share with you how I plan and design my Christmas tree for next year! I love a complete cohesive designer look for my holiday decor. During holidays I get inspirations from Pinterest and Instagram and save pictures of the trees I will use as my inspiration. I choose couple of looks and then keep an eye out for ornament availability and use imagination! And then I simply enjoy my holidays and sip hot cocoa while pulling out my decor bins and decorating. Yes, my secret to saving money on holiday decor and avoid store crowds is to buy most of my decor on clearance the year before!!! Ive done it for 3 years now and absolutely love it! I would still shop of course but its enjoyable and stress free because I am in no rush!

And of course I already have most of my next Christmas tree decor purchased! Go check out craft and decor store clearance sections and see what you may find! Some stores are wrapping up their but there’s still plenty of goodies!

I went to our local Walmart and got 6 full bags of discount florals including flocked red hydrangeas, red amaryllis and some cedar and glitter floral pics. Also I picked up some pretty red bird ornaments to go with the theme.

For Christmas 2021 God willing, Im planning floral themed tree. And thanks to clearance finds I already have most of my small evergreen picks, florals and ornaments for less than $30!

I will be purchasing some pretty rattan ball spheres in various sizes throughout the year and will be on the lookout for pretty ribbon as well!

I can’t wait till I get to decorate my 2021 tree with my awesome finds!

TIP>>>>>buy clearanced decor for other holidays as well and store it in clear plastic lidded storage bins. That way you have pretty things to decorate your home with and know where thing are!

ANOTHER TIP>>>>>>> I store my Christmas ornaments also in clear plastic storage bins by color coordinating them. That way I can mix and match colors or add certain color to a theme without rummaging through things!

Happy decorating!

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